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The information required in order to calculate a plan review quote is as follows:

  1. The Construction Type (e.g., Type IIA, VB, etc. as described in Chapter 6 of the IBC) of the building;

  2. The Use Group(s) (e.g., A-3, F-1, etc. as described in Chapter 3 of the IBC) contained within the building; 

  3. The floor area of the building - if there is a mixed occupancy condition, the area percentage of each Use Group must be provided; and

  4. The number of stories, including stories below grade (i.e., basements).

Please send this information in via e-mail to ;  A response with a fee quote will be sent to you within 24 hours.


ALTERNATIVELY, you may submit project information on this website by filling out the fields below (if a field is not applicable, please type in "NA") ; a response with a fee quote will be sent to you within 24 hours. 

PLEASE NOTE: If you would prefer to send drawings for the plan review quote process, only the dimensional floor plan of each story and the project data / code analysis (which must include Construction Type, Use Groups, floor areas of each Use Group, and number of stories including basements) is needed; e-mail .pdf documents (we do not support .dwg files) to


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